about us

Once, we were born

In 1972 in Palmela, Portugal in a rented warehouse measuring 600 square meters, the company Refrigue para o Frio L.D.A. Was born. Its capital shares valued nearly 3000 euros and its products were designed exclusively for walk-in freezer employees.
Refrigue Para o Frio (



In just a few short years the warehouse grew to 1500 square meters and in 1986 the premises were doubled for production. Today 60 people work in Palmela. Our shares have increased to 180,00 euros and our plants remain one of a kind in Portugal. In 1996 the acting CEO Giorgina Reis was awarded the Californian entrepreneur of the year.


In 1997 the polar bear became refrigue's symbol. Its rights are bona fide worldwide. In 2002 Refrigue's distribution was purchased by Beach Company Group who also acquired its present day logo. Today, in addition to our classic “-30°” line, we produce garments for every use. Our distribution covers all of Italy in 650 stores.

Now we live

Our goal is to conserve the important bond existing between our everyday world and a clothing garment. The design and development of our products continue to be, above all, simple, functional and concrete.Because often our life can be as demanding as that of a fire-fighter, a police officer, a pilot. We abide in adapting what we learned from the cold and the fire to provide the everyday comfort that makes us feel good.